Cutting Accessories

How to Order


If your company currently does not have an account with Allison Abrasives, please contact us for a distributor in your area or about setting up an account. We may be reached at 1.800.255.5978 (in Kentucky or outside the U.S. please call 1.859.792.7000).


If your company has an account with us, there are several ways you can place an order.

  1. FAX us at 1.859.792.7077
  2. E-MAIL us at sales
  3. PHONE us at 1.800.255.5978 (in Kentucky or outside the U.S. 1.859.792.7000)
    1. Please be sure to provide the following information when placing an order:

      • Purchase Order number (if applicable)
      • Grade and Size of wheel(s)
      • Quantity
      • Where the order is to be shipped

      WARNING: Comply with current ANSI B7.1 safety requirements and OSHA. Failure to comply can result in serious physical injury.